A blip in seasons

I’ve noticed over the last couple years that spring and autumn are over in a heartbeat in Korea. While winter and summer drag on endlessly in extreme opposite temperature directions.

Unfortunately this spring has been one of the worst allergy season my body has ever faced. Spring in Gunsan doubles up with yellow dust season, blowing over from the deserts of China. I can feel the breeze through my window, see the sun out and shining in full glory but the moment I step outside I’m a bloody mess: mascara creeps down my face with my watery eyes, my nose is constantly dripping, and my skin gets itchy and splotchy (there was a good week of hives this year too). 

I love this season but this year it has been hell! I missed the cherry blossoms but I did manage to get out for a walk yesterday and guiltily take too many pictures of pretty flowers to share.

These little lovelies are carpeting the edge of the lake. All around the lake’s brim is thick with soft purple flowers. I managed to find a patch with this cute, lone little buttercup mixed in.  

These beauties are scattered and clustered around the lake as well. They look rather magestic with their heavy-looking floral attaches. 


Here are some more that are just guilty pleasures:  

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