Pepero Day

As a Canadian, November 11th has always been observed as a solemn day. I remember last year planning a class to teach about what we do for Remembrance Day back home. It wasn’t even an option.

November 11th is like Valentines Day but celebrated by giving Pepero (Korea’s version of Pocky) to your loved ones. The date 11/11 looks like the delicious chocolate dipped pretzels but the couple idea is mixed in there too. To be honest, I don’t believe in Valentines Day and am even less enthused about Pepero Day. I still bought some boxes of Pepero and handed them out to my munchkins. IMG_8733.JPG Some kids make their own which is sweet.

IMG_8734.JPG My favourite gift if the day was this one. One of my little guys gave me this and apologised, “here teacher, I hungry.”


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