Kkachibong Peak (까치봉), Naejangsan (내장산)

It was a long steep hike up and down but we did it! If you ever attempt this, give yourself plenty of daylight. We took a couple hours to get up and a bit less to get down. We didn’t have enough time to cross the peaks and come down the other side like we had wanted, we made it down with less than an hour of daylight left. A few of the hikers that we talked to (these were serious hikers) gave a timeline of just of 6-7 hours to climb up one side, cross the peak and come down the other side. I think we took the more difficult climb there was only one other hiker that went up the same side, everyone else was headed down. A few of them even laughed at us for attempting it.


IMG_8680.JPG Here’s the best I could do to convey how steep the incline was.




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