Autumn in Naejangsan (내장산)

IMG_8697.JPGI decided to go hiking with my lovely coteacher and adventure buddy, Deborah. Naejangsan is popular amongst Koreans and known as the place to go to enjoy the changing season; it was not disappointing.


IMG_8696.JPG The colours were amazing!
We had a bit of a picnic before we checked out the temple and started our hike. We sat beneath this persimmon tree that was loaded up with lots of fruit. After numerous failed attempts to jump, swat and shake some delights to add to our lunch, we resigned to our packed lunch.


IMG_8699.JPG I packed some chestnuts so we had a squirrel moment.



  1. Wow… picking fresh chestnuts; wonderful 🙂

  2. As somebody that previously not heard about Naejangsan, I was glad to read an article about this area in Korea; I might pay a visit if lucky enough to integrate it into my schedule.

  3. Wow fall in Naejangsan looks so beautiful!

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