Now what?

Our hiking day definitely started going sideways once we got to Xincheng station. We arrived at an almost barren station; the only people waiting at the station were waiting to take a train out of there. We tried getting a taxi and possibly taking another tour. The cab driver we talked to was rude and pushy and telling us there were only two sites open. She was charging more than what was listed (if you did the math on the full tour). I guess the taxis had an order that they have to go out in and none of the other cab drivers were helpful.

We attempted to deduce the local bus schedule with the aide of one of the train station employees. Actually, we got to the point where we considered just ditching the whole day.

Eventually we decided, f~*k it and started walking…the cabbie we’d been arguing with started following us in her car and yelling negotiations out her window at us. Deborah and I argued with each other, then I argued with the cabbie…eventually, I convinced Deborah to get in the cab and I convinced the cab driver to only drive us to the entrance of the park.

…sometimes you get what you wish for. We got dumped at the entrance to the park with a vague idea of what to do and where to go (the vaguest of ideas).

Luckily we found the national park information centre. It turns out that a bunch of places throughout the park had had landslides the week before during the typhoon. There were only two sites that were still accessible. We chose the cooler of the two sites and were told that we could hike there…uh, walking on the shoulder of the road isn’t really my definition of hiking but we’d come this far.

Trying to make my adventure buddy smile, again. That stubborn Korean temper was not going to get over its anger directed at the cab driver for quite awhile. (I mean we’d basically just been dropped off at the entrance to nowhere; why not smile)
The view was beautiful. Hahaha, I truly had no idea how this was gonna turn out. Best to move forward and keep moving and stay positive!





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