Shilin Night Market

After our big adventure/taxi tour we decided to check out Shilin Night Market. We were also getting a bit tired and hungry and perhaps did not spend as much time there as we would have liked but we got the just of it.




At this stand we managed to pick up an absolute feast of fresh fruit.


It looks like mostly meat but this stand had some amazing mushroom skewers and fresh bok choi salads.

Deborah wanted a bit more than street food so we stopped in at a restaurant in the market and ordered Taiwanese Beef noodle soup. Delicious. The table next to us provided an envious onlooker.

Oh, we also came across this stand…we weren’t hungry for cake at the time. There are plenty of explicit photos surrounding the stand with happy customers licking, biting and slapping themselves in the face with their tasty delights.


Although we weren’t in the mood for phallic cakes we did have a hankering for something sweet. There was a rather large ice milk shop that we had spotted so we stopped there. Deborah got their mango ice and I tried their coffee custard ice.



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