Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall

Beautiful architecture and the surrounding gardens are stunning: if we had tons of time, I would have loved to have grabbed a cold drink and found some shade to watch the very old and the very young flying kites around the property.

As it was, the temperature was at 32 degrees with 82% humidity. Korea has been having a rather cool summer so far and our bodies were a bit shocked. Walking around the property had us pooped and ready to find respite in Taipei 101.

We quickly learned that we have a hard time agreeing on what faces to make in pictures.

We also tried some more touristy photos. I say ‘tried’ because, as the photos clearly state, one of us enjoys having our picture taken while the other tolerates it (this might become a running theme throughout these trip photos). Personally, I feel that taking the picture is proof enough that I was there and I don’t need to be in it.

*That is Taipei 101 in the background. We were trying to show off some of the gardens but 101 is hard to miss.



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