Getting started

Once we made it to Taipei Main Station we had a little setback. Perhaps we were exhausted (we got up at 2am to get to the airport on time), in an unfamiliar place or we were hungry but we got lost. Taipei Main Station is a mall on top of a train station on top of a high speed rail station on top of a subway station with marts, travel centres, souvenir shops, food courts and information centres.
If you are staying in Taipei for more than a day getting an Easy Card is the best way to get around. You can probably buy them at any station but Main station is the most central and where the buses trains and subway converge.


The Easy Card is the same setup to the T-Money cards in Seoul. You swipe it at the turnstile and it lets you through and reads the balance of your card. You get charged a nominal fee upon entry and upon swiping to exit, at your destination, it will calculate and deduct the remaining amount owing. At each entry and exit there are green machines resembling ATMs where you can load up your card when you start to run low.

To purchase the card requires $100 NTD (roughly $3 USD) which you get back up return of your card, including the balance remaining (less a handling fee of $20 NTD).

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