Cook 1015

I have been nursing an injury lately (I pulled all the ligaments in my ankle) and have not been out adventuring like I would like. This has also made going out and shopping and gathering food prep rather difficult as well. I had had this store, Cook 1015, recommended to me before. They’ve basically done all the food prep for you and neatly packaged the different steps. You take the packages home and, neatly, add them to your pot in order and have yourself a delightful home cooked Korean meal. I decided to try it out last night and make dinner for one of my friends who’s been playing chauffeur.

Warning: there was a fish head in the mix. Ummm…I was a vegetarian for years and cooking meat personally still is…I don’t like to do it and almost never do. The fish head surprised me but I will admit the end result was amazing (apparently you don’t have to eat the head, it’s just for flavour).




  1. Mum

    Darling Cayley: You’re a braver soul than I am. No fish heads when we come–please!

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