A debate about selfies

My classes have all just turned over a new term these last couple weeks. Whether they should or not, all of the classes are going up to the next level. One of my classes has turned in a new direction and they will be practicing debates.

The topic this week was selfies; are they good or are they bad. I think my students missed the point somewhat as they seemed to feel that selfies are bad because ugly people are photoshopping themselves to look unrealistically beautiful.

I felt that we were off topic already but they seemed to enjoy showing me examples of their friends taking selfies (they all claimed that they would never take a selfie…yeah right, this is Korea:home of the shameless selfie). Being as we had sidestepped the point of the class already but everyone was really into speaking English, I told my kids that they could take a really unattractive picture of me and whoever could make me the most beautiful would get 100% for this week.

Here’s the winner:

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