Early bday spoils

Wow, this was sitting in my draft folder…I really have slacked on this site for awhile, my apologies. Back-tracking through time to June 7…here you go:

Yesterday was Memorial Day in Korea and a national holiday. This means I got the day off. It was also a couple days before my bday so I celebrated it in a very subdued manner (subdued may even be an overstatement).

I got to spend the day with my high school class and lovely co-teacher/amazing friend, Kelly, and buy them lunch and then watch them sing love ballads. This country is obsessed with love ballads…I cannot count how many times someone has played that bloody Celine Dion song from Titanic (because I’m Canadian).

I also bought myself a used bicycle so I can work on some photo projects and get myself out to the sea wall this summer.

To round the day out I had a quiet dinner and a few drinks.





Oh, and the fabulous Lindsay made me these coconut delicious cupcakes!



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