The last couple weekends I’ve stayed in town. I needed a bit of a rest but I was also curious how the seasonal changes were affecting the city that I explored back when it was biting cold.

These are from an 8km walk I took one lonely Saturday. It is coming out of yellow dust season here (it comes over from China and covers everything in a fine layer of yellow) but (despite what I’ve been told) I also believe the atmospheric perspective in a lot of these shots is smog. Korea is an industrial country and my town is a major west coast port with a substantial industrial area.

I’ve been finding the lines of some of the older Korean architecture quite interesting.


I actually took this photo for my brother. When we were little we called daisies “pooh flowers” because they don’t smell great. There are, oddly enough, daisies everywhere here.


A couple shots of Gunsan from up high.



I just really loved the greenery in contrast with the building.



Another shot of Gunsan from up high. It was actually late afternoon in this shot but everything felt really quiet and heavy.



As cute as it may seem it becomes annoying rather quickly. This truck (and many others like it) drives around town and announces on a bullhorn what he’s selling and the prices. He stops if you flag him down or run at him like he’s an ice cream truck.

I did mention the bullhorn, right? There are no noise by-laws here. Sometimes it’s the things you never would have thought of that you miss the most. I will also mention here that I was recently woken up at 3:30am to the sound of jack hammering on the main road, a half block away from my apartment (my profanities were endless).


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