Some more architecture in Paju

I think I have already stated that I am in love with this city. I make no excuses, it’s just awesome.

This first one may not look like much but I had noticed a couple buildings in the village finished like this. Having worked in the construction industry I know that ivy and other creeping vines can be torment and unbelievably destructive to buildings (despite how cool it looks). This building, as well as some others, had a raised mesh on the outside of the building and it looked as though it had been put their to encourage the plants growth but to separate it from potentially destroying the structures integrity. It seemed interesting but I’m not sure about its durability.


The next few are a peek at one of the many galleries in the village. This one had a very industrial feel and, as you may be able to guess by looking at the picture, smelled quite strongly of concrete.IMG_2133_1 IMG_2136_1 IMG_2137_1

The following are residential homes in the area. The one below and to the right is a residency for an English school in the village.IMG_2139_1 IMG_2140_1

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