Drinking, making babies and bathroom talk

So today I learned two very important things from my students and both are probably things which my mother would not approve of.

One was my middle school boys informing me that when you pooh really quickly it’s called a “spooh.” One of the students then told me that he had to go spooh and it was an emergency. Riveting. As I mentioned in a previous post, my students really enjoy bathroom talk, especially, when it comes to their bowels.

The second was an enlightening fact from one of my adult classes. The men in that class (this particular class is entirely composed of men) were trying to determine whether one of the other students would be having a boy or a girl. He had just announced in yesterday’s class that his wife was pregnant and this will be their first child. The factor that determines the sex of the baby, according to my students, is whether the man is drunk or not. Their belief is that it will be a boy if the man is drunk and a girl if the man is sober, at the time of conception. Woefully, one of my students said that he is cursed with only boys because he is never sober when he and his wife “make the baby practice.”

…there is a reason that I have taught my classes the term “too much information!”

One comment

  1. Troy

    That’s too funny. I wonder how much of these exchanges occur because of the fact that you do not speak Korean. In other words, we may bring up topics of conversation which may be considered taboo but somehow feel immune from its social consequences because we can “hide” behind a second, or less proficient language. I’m speaking of course your Korean students’ perspective.

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