Here are some random leftovers from long weekend, round one (aka weekend of May 11). They’re mostly of me and Tiffany.

This was before we had our bbqing privileges taken away from us. It wasn’t our fault. The guy who dropped the meat off had his soju glow on and, unbeknownst to us, cranked the heat. Whatever, we got someone to come to our table, cook it for us and we got bonus meat out of the deal and some fried eggs because (for once) it wasn’t our fault!


So happy, so frazzled and slightly dehydrated…we had found Provence and fallen in love with Paju and had the most amazing adventure whilst getting lost.


What else do you do when you find two really big chairs, facing each other?…climb them! This was a lot of fun but climbing down was difficult and I ripped a giant hole in my stockings. Will we were climbing up two little guys being pulled in a wagon got upset at their grandmother for not letting them have a go.



I got introduced to bing su (빙수). It’s shaved ice with a variety of toppings. This one was berry and it was amazing!


One comment

  1. Troy

    Perspective can certainly create an interesting illusion. Those chairs are too funny.

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