Not ready for marriage

During one of our class discussions, the question of whether mandatory military service in Korea should be extended to women came up. When my middle school boys responded that they didn’t think women should have to serve I wasn’t surprised. Most of the answers were quite chivalrous and macho.

There’s always one answer that seems to come from a place too sincere and it leaves you dumbfounded. The answer that did it this time was that women that exercise too much start to look like men and then they are not good for marriage.

I probably should have just left it at that but sometimes my mouth likes to play devil’s advocate, even when my brain knows to leave things alone. So I asked, “Oh, is that what my problem is?”

“Yes, teacher. I think so.”


  1. angela

    I am lost for words on this one, lol!

  2. angela

    Clearly, Cayley! Stop exercising immediately and I’m sure a marriage proposal is just around the corner!

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