Burning Friday and squid beaks

I’m starting to wonder if there is anything I won’t try and eat. In Korea Friday night is considered the night to go out and get sauced and then Saturday is a casual drinking night or respite (if you had too much soju then Saturday may only be about recovery).

Friday night I went with my amazing coworker, Kelly, for a few beers and some bar snacks. Kelly loves eating with me because I will eat anything and I eat well (much like her). I love her to bits but, after Friday, I’m beginning to wonder if she’s testing me too. She ordered us a dish of squid beaks (I will post what the dish is called when I can but, at the moment, it’s name is elusive).

I will say this, they’re actually quite tasty and apparently a very cheap bar snack. My theory on the cost is that they are bloody hard to peel? …crack? To be honest, I don’t know how you would refer to eating them. The actual beak is really sharp and strong. It kind of looks like my dogs’ toenails (haha, not what you want to think of when eating).

The beak is surrounded by some tissue or muscle that’s been cut away whilst preparing the more delectable parts of the squid. I will liken the practice of eating squid beaks to shelling pistachios, if a pistachio shell was also covered in a muscle. You need to pick and peel it apart to get the beak out and then eat the rest. It’s a lot of work for very little reward but it definitely slows down the pace of your drinking.

The lovely Kelly.


Squid beak, aka my dogs’ toenails (mom and dad, I know you see it)!


Our pile of beaks after they’d all been eaten.


One comment

  1. Troy

    Oh, that reminds me of spicy duck beaks that I ate in Taiwan. Yummy….

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