Anything goes

Driving in Korea is beyond me. There are so many things that happen on the road here that could never fly at home. One thing that truly gets me is parking. I’ve seen cars pull up on the sidewalk, pull into a parallel nose first and leave the vehicle on a 45 degree angle (or more obtuse). Any open patch, anywhere is up for grabs (even and especially the space behind a parked car). Double parking is hugely popular in this country. The way they get away with it is simple, everyone has their cell phone number posted in their front windshield and you just give them a call if the car needs to be moved.

Most astonishingly, I have also seen cars stop abruptly while driving down a busy street. They put their four way flashers on and hop out because they’re just going to do some banking or grab groceries or shop. Each time I feel like I prepare myself to watch some ensuing confrontation over this parking faux pas but it never comes. People just start rerouting and milling around the brazen traffic violation and I am left, baffled.

Side note: earlier this week I discovered that if you won’t be available to answer your phone then simply don’t use your emergency brake when parking. The people who need your car moved will simply push your vehicle out of the way (I’m sorry but I did not happen to photograph said event).






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