As with the development of most cities, farmland and small housing gets pushed further and further out. The outskirts and various other pockets around Gunsan are no different. The dividing lines and encroachment of the impending development are quite distinct.

IMG_1263_1 IMG_1269_1 IMG_1272_1 IMG_1275_1IMG_1280_1


  1. angela

    I am curious as to why there is a suitcase in the middle of nowhere and what is inside it?

    • Angela, there are a lot of things out there…I would take a guess that it serves some purpose. Probably carrying from one place to another. Quite often baby carriages are used to collect cardboard (as an example).

  2. angela

    Interesting and unique! I also noticed either a huge white dog, or a polar bear (?!) looking at you like you may be it’s next meal from behind the wired enclosed area, lol. It’s a good thing you can run for at least 11 kms non stop!

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