My new favourite

This is my new favourite food. I’ve had galbi tang (갈비탕), a short rib soup, before but not like this. My students took me here a couple weeks ago and I had a craving for it by the time I it home. Traditionally it’s pork ribs but this lovely gem of a restaurant specialises in beef ribs.

All of my running and time spent in the gym lately has given my body a serious craving for protein and this reenergises like you wouldn’t believe.

I just woke up and thinking about this now is making my mouth water. I may have to drag someone to lunch with me today!

In its glorious sizzling stone bowl.


The ribs are meaty and giant!


This was my treat to Kelly for her birthday.


All of the lovely sides (반찬), banchan.


One comment

  1. Troy

    Wow, that does look good. It reminds me of hot pot.

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