Buses, our weekend and other odds to end with

Sorry, brief hiatus while life did its thing. This is from the weekend of misadventures and timing (the weekend Ali and I did Damyang and Boseong). There were many a bus that was “just” caught. I lost a bus ticket (three minutes before our bus was leaving) and frantically ran around the bus terminal trying to find the right ticket booth and buy a new ticket while Ali tried to stall our bus driver. There were also some epic waits and everything in between.


This was our first bus of the weekend. The bus driver yelled at us a few times and then just seemed angry. There are a number of things that we could have been doing wrong but have no idea which one he was getting mad at us for.



This was during an epic wait in Damyang. Trying to decide what to do and eating bamboo nougat to soothe the pain.


Still waiting in Damyang, at the bus station. The lady at the ticket counter wouldn’t talk to us and we couldn’t figure out where to catch our next bus.IMG_1005


Day 2: this was breakfast. Shortly after this we had a washroom break and then headed for our bus…three minutes to our bus departure I would realise that my bus ticket was missing. Ali stalled the driver and I ran about the terminal like a crazy woman trying to buy a new ticket. The lost ticket would reappear four days later, stuffed between some bills in my wallet (for safe keeping, of course).IMG_1007


Boseong bus terminal: the sun felt good. The barking dog did not appreciate us. The poor guy only had a couple feet of lead to his leash. I really felt sorry for him.IMG_1013


Boseong bus terminal: loved the colours and the blue sky.IMG_1016


As always, waiting at the bus terminal. This look describes the wait perfectly.IMG_1021The bamboo forest at Boseong was actually a bit more lush than Damyang.


My boots got covered in green tea dust from our trek through the tea plantation.IMG_1076

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