Transportation in Seoul

Last Saturday I decided to take a day trip to Seoul, by myself. Maybe it’s a backwards way of thinking but I didn’t really figure out how to get where I wanted to go beforehand. I figured I’d wing it.

Hahaha! Omg, Seoul is so big! I suggest to everyone who isn’t familiar with Seoul to plan ahead.

I managed to grab the express bus from Gunsan to Seoul without a hitch. Once I got to the express terminal in Seoul I attempted to follow the crowd to the subway line and quickly realise that was a good way to get lost. I whipped out my map of the subway system on my phone and tried to determine where I was going and how to get there. Luckily this disaster was interrupted by a text from my coworker wanting to know how my adventure was and where I had made it to. I love Kelly! She’s awesome.

Despite being given exact directions from my lovely friend and coworker I still managed to get turned around, at the first step. After a few picture texts with Kelly and some backtracking I sorted myself out. Once I got above ground I had no problems. At the end of the day, I was able to get myself back on the right subways and find the express bus home.

Lesson learned: plan ahead… (Mom and dad: I know, you don’t have to remind me how many times you’ve told me this)

At the rest stop on the way to Seoul, all the other buses headed our way.


Obligatory Korean self portrait of my solo travel mission.


First hint at how massive Seoul is. The first ten minutes in from the outskirts are nothing but these massive housing blocks.






Express bus home!


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