Jeonju Hanok Village, 전주 한옥 마을

Since I arrived in Gunsan, all of my students have recommended that I go to Jeonju and check out the traditional Hanok village. It was not what I expected. The way the village was talked about I expected that it was like the colonial forts back home. I thought that there would be people in traditional garb, mucking around the village and doing traditional things.

According to the government website there are more than 800 traditional hanok houses in the this area. The houses have been turned into chic restaurants, trendy cafes, small designer retail shops and some are still private residencies. There was an influx of money put into the restoration and refurbishment of the area for when Jeonju hosted the FIFA World Cup, in 2002.

The village is beautiful and definitely worth checking out. We didn’t stop at a lot of places in the village but Kelly assured me that village tended to be on the pricier side of reasonable. (For all my Vancouver friends, or anyone who’s been to my lovely hometown, it’s like Gastown. Historic, remodeled and you can drop a lot of cash here quite quickly.)








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  1. I still need to do this!

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