Gyeonggijeon Shrine, 경기전

Sorry, I’ve been a bit behind in my updates and posts but here’s another tidbit from Jeonju.

The site was built in 1410 and has had some remodeling over the years due to damage served over a few invasions.

Just through the front gates and we spotted the tour group so we went the other way.


They seem awfully small, most are just three rooms, but these are the servants quarters.


Kelly and I stopped at the stable to feed the horse.



The well.


This is a traditional Korean kitchen. I know it makes a rather bland photo. Kelly’s family is originally from the countryside and she said that her grandparents’ kitchen looked like this. The lower pot in the centre is the stove and the hole down below is where the fire is kept. On the other side of the wall is the living quarters because the stove serves as the heating for the building as well.


I don’t remember the name of this game but it’s kind of like lawn darts except you have a lot smaller target.



I did not master the form.


The tour group getting a little too close.


A rather bold statement.



A couple getting anniversary portraits taken in the bamboo garden.



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