Jeonju Market, 전주

Last weekend I took my first real day trip out of Gunsan. I didn’t go all that far. In fact, Jeonju is really the next biggest city around. It’s about a forty minute bus ride. This is the city I went to for NYE but, to be fair, that trip was at night and only saw a few bars, a coffee shop and a convenience store. This trip was much more in depth and probably still only scratched the surface.

Here are some images from the open air market, in Jeonju.





Apparently, they look like doughnuts and it is fried dough but the similarity stops there. I haven’t tried them but I get the impression that they’re salty and savoury, not sweet. I believe you can get them stuffed. When I try one, I’ll let you know.


Kimchi heaven!


These are pigs feet. Spicy pig feet are a very popular drinking food…one of my adult classes is trying to organize a date to take me and my coworker out for spicy pig’s feet and drinks.


A closer look at said feet. I don’t see a foot in there.


My favourite from the market…Spring!


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