Moustache Attack

Dear Mom and Dad,

If ever you feared my arts degree had gone to waste, fear no more!

I have not returned to normal since my sickness and drinking actually physically hurts my stomach. The foreigners went out for some Korean bbq last night and as the drinks were being poured I resigned to water. The long and the short of it was that I wasn’t ready to go home and decided to spend the night drinking hot water as my friends drank beer and soju.

I’m not sure how it came about but I ended up being asked to draw a moustache, in Sharpie, on one friend and then another and then the ladies lined up for finger moustaches…

Once again, mom and dad, your daughter’s artistic talents cannot be denied 😉

(I would like to state that, as the only sober one, I did ask repeatedly if they wanted this done and if they realised it was a Sharpie)






  1. Troy

    Did you photoshop those mustaches or draw it on them? If so, permanent ink?

  2. Troy

    Well, I read it again, and you drew it on them! The guys must have been drunk….lol…..

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