Construction concerns (for Angela)

Well, Ange, they have done the form work and filled in the first couple floors of the large pit that I told you about. I should have taken the photo when I saw it the first time but wasn’t really thinking. I did go on a rather large explore around the city this weekend and here is what I gathered for you and your classmates.

Troy, you’re in the rehab end of such issues and you wanted me to share with everyone so I guess this is partly for you as well.

The theme of all of these sites is that, you can just walk in. I really should ask about liability, hazard prevention and worker’s rights here. I’m curious but don’t want people to get the wrong impression of why I’m asking, lol!

Site #1



It does have a fence around the perimeter but it seems a pointless expense when you can just walk right in.



An aerial view from a friend’s apartment across the street.


Site #2

These are all over Susong-Dong. Small apartment buildings, that are going up rather quickly. Again, you can just walk right in.




Site #3

In Susong-Dong, again. The same deal as site #2.




Site #4

Well, there’s nothing to walk into but there’s plenty to hurt yourself on still. This is a different area than the above two but this is on the road known as “bar street” by locals.


Site #5

I thought that I may have to cross the street to find where the opening to get in here was.


…but I really only had to walk another few yards. I’d bet money that the back end of both sites are wide open.


Site #6

I’m pretty sure that this used to be a local mart. Actually couldn’t tell if it was abandoned or about to be demolished. I didn’t go inside because the roof looked like it was caving in.





  1. angela

    And here I was, expecting one photo of a gigantic pit – I am impressed with your thorough exploration Cayley!

    Roughly translated I believe the signs on site state: “Enter at your own risk”; “Watch for falling debris”; “Hard hats, steel toed boots and safety goggles must be worn at all times”, and last but not least, “Watch for gigantic boulders and falling roof particles”. I could go on…

    All in all, they have it pretty well covered with the flimsy tape preventing access to non open areas, and tiny signs hanging on the tape!

    I will share these images with my classmates for sure, they would love it too!
    Thanks 🙂

    • To be fair, Ange, some of the sites will also place a pylon with the flimsy tape/rope that is to keep you out. Just “a pylon,” because more than one would be redundant and, if you can’t understand the significance of one pylon, would more make the imminent danger more obvious?

  2. Troy

    Angela, you need to show them a thing or two about construction safety!

  3. angela

    I’m coming to Korea with “” tattooed on my forehead, in the name of safety!

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