One strange rant on being homesick

I was quite ill earlier this week. The day after my last post saw me in the hospital on an IV drip, again. Although I was physically alone (my director, my front desk teacher and a coworker checked on me), I didn’t feel lonely. There was something quite comforting about being able to message my dad (in Vancouver), my bestie (in Vancouver), a handsome gentleman friend (in Vancouver), my brother (in Perth) and other loved ones at home while lying in a hospital bed.

I have been away from home before and know what being homesick is. Technology has not been able to conquer time zones which still prove to be a pain but they have defeated that sense of being alone. I don’t have to reminisce or guess what my friends or loved ones would say to me, they can tell me. The love and support I need is more than filled, daily.

I enjoy telling stories and sharing my adventures (everyone who knows me can roll their eyes here). Through this blog I’m still able to share these adventures. Although I do miss your physical reactions (I miss laughing with a lot of you), you still comment or send me messages. Please know, I’m still laughing at practically everything.

Thank you!

The view from my hospital bed…did I mention it was a children’s hospital? Oh yeah, so the day I felt my worst was accompanied by the sounds of children freaking the hell out. Luckily, I had my headphones.


Now, enjoy my family photos!













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  1. Troy

    That must have been one nasty bug you had. Hope you are doing better now.

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