A view of Youngdong

Dong just means area of town. A friend of mine has just moved from Soryong-dong to Youngdong and this is the fab view from the roof of his new apartment.20130210-121603.jpg

This building is a traditional Korean hanok style home.





The dog on this roof barks incessantly and keeps everyone in the neighbourhood up at all hours, according to Marc.



I just find this architecture a bit curious and really enjoy looking at it, for some reason.



  1. Troy

    Looks as though each floor built may have been added ad hoc. Reminds me of something I would have done as a young boy scavenging around for building materials from local construction sites to build my next fort. Availability of building materials would have dictated my design.

  2. Troy

    btw, my comment above was in reference to the last photo that you found curious.

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