More fun than a shot in the arm…

…one in the bum and an iv drip!

So I got super sick Monday morning at about 2am: horrendously, violently ill. I couldn’t physically leave my apartment. I think it’s the norovirus, the symptoms fit. My director was kind enough to cancel my morning classes and have my afternoon and evening ones covered.

Today I thought I was a bit better, not good by any means but better (e.g. I could drink water and keep it down). I made it through my morning classes, took a nap and ate a small amount of plain congee before coming back for my afternoon classes.

I made it two hours before puking and then was taken to the doctor across the hall by my director. I got a shot in the backside, an iv drip and another mystery drug cocktail.

Taking a rest on the director’s couch with my iv, a heater and a puke bowl.


More mystery drugs.


My front desk teacher is the sweetest! She sent me home with some soup she’d made me and some extra for when I finish (I was only able to get a few spoonfuls in me…keeping it down so far).



  1. angela

    If you would stop partying all the time and do some work, this wouldn’t happen to you! Slacker 😉 Looks brutal but feel better real soon.

  2. Troy

    Angela, I think she may be dripping in a cocktail through the IV. 😉

  3. angela

    Could be Troy, could be. She always was a bit of a lush! I hope to see you at Hillcrest soon 🙂

    PS: I hope you’re feeling better Cayley 🙂

  4. Niaomi

    Get Better Cayley! Always fun to read up on your adventures! Troy and I were talking about your adventures and I realized I’ve been trolling your posts but not saying hello,so hi!

    • Thanks Niaomi! I ended up in the hospital the next day for another iv and another cocktail of drugs but am on the up and up now 🙂 I’m also really grateful for the lunar new year being a long weekend here. I spent most of this week lying down but need a solid rest.

  5. angela

    Oh yeah, you are feeling better, awesome! I told Troy yesterday that I am awaiting the wrath of my previous post, and then I will know you are ok, ha ha. Have a great long weekend. Rest and recover.

    PS: Your trainer sounds like fun!

  6. angela

    Cayley, it’s a good thing MY Mum can’t read your blog, ha ha. I miss doing weighted bicep curls with you 😉 Beer dress, just sayin…

    • Oh, I’m sure we could get her reading it! If your mum’s hip enough to Skype she can read my blog…if Jerica could figure it out 😉

      (can someone please tell Jerica to read her email, thx)

  7. angela

    As of today, Jerica only responds to her new name…”Tater”, (pronounced, Tayder in Canadian) so that could be the problem!. It’s a long story…

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