For Angela

This is what makes me think occupational hazard prevention and suing people aren’t big here. This is an open construction site in the most popular night club/restaurant/bar area, in Gunsan.

Ange, I promised I’d find you a picture. I also know of one that’s a giant pit, where presumably they’ll put underground parking, and it’s blocked off by a handful of saw horses. I’ll try and get a pic of that for you too.



  1. angela

    Oh no! I’m coming over to sort that out…shocking. I want to share this with my classmates! What are they hiding behind the sheeting? Makes me wonder. Keep a wide walking radius on this site mate!

    I would beg you not to send me the giant pit photo, but I realize that’s futile and will only encourage you, lol 😉

    • Of course it will encourage me. Also, I could go find out what is behind that sheeting but, having worked as a project coordinator for a construction company, I know that that’s stupid.

      Give me until next week and I’ll have some more images for you to present (would it be better if I emailed them to you directly).

    • Also, that brightly lit tent is a food vendor so drunk or hungry folk stumble right up to that site (just because I know that will put you over the edge ;)).

  2. angela

    You have my curiosity, so email the giant pit pics when you can for my viewing pleasure. What’s up with the food vendor? You have definitely thrown me over the edge woman!

  3. Troy

    What? And leave the rest of us hanging? I don’t think so…. post it baby!

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