My last real burger, in Vancouver

I blame teaching my kids comparisons last week but let me just get through some reminiscing. My last real burger, in Vancouver, was with two of my favourite ladies, Kerrie and Mel.

I miss working with them terribly. Mel always kept me working and fed my workaholic tendencies and Kerrie…I think the best description we came up with was, if it were school, the teacher would have us separated (immediately).

You ladies are the best! ❤

PS-Kerrie, you miss my sense of humour? I just made my last memory of you a burger 😉



  1. Kerrie

    I so want to reply but everthing i come up with is way too inapproptiate and x-rated so all i will say is i have been remembered as things much worse than a burger so thank you.

  2. angela

    Hey Kerrie, I know I’ve said this to you, but I want to say it on here too…

    It’s better to be remembered as a burger and not the rotting fish hanging in the streets of Gunsan!

    Hi Cayley, btw 🙂

  3. angela

    “Excuse me, do you work here?” This blog is being taken over by Hillcrest staff and you are interrupting a chat between Kerrie and I!!

    We miss you too so come back and visit us inmates of the madhouse any time!

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