Sick, sick and sicker

I was not feeling great last week. I had a low-key outing with a couple of my co-teachers on Saturday to watch a movie, eat and have coffee and then spent all day Sunday in bed. Anyway, I’ve gapped on my postings, apologies. So if you, like my mother, have been wondering about where I’ve gone…it’s nowhere.

Monday I went to school and felt worse than Sunday but I made it through! Tuesday, my director marched me across the hall to a walk-in clinic for children. After much breathing in and out, some coughing while the doctor held my chest and an inspection of the old tonsils I was told I would be okay. Really? I was told I should recover in two to three days. My doctor drew a picture of seven steaming mugs, looked at me and said, “hot water.” …there were drugs that came with the drawings and oooohhh, what drugs they are. I am messed up!

I took/was told to take my first sick day after I almost lost my voice with my morning classes. With a few bathroom breaks and an attempt at eating to so I could take my medication, I slept from about 2pm on Tuesday to 8am Wednesday.

The prescription is only for three days. I am halfway through. The dosage is prepackaged. My brain is on a space ship and my head is a hot air balloon and no one is driving my body.

I wish I could have kept the picture of the mugs of hot water.




One comment

  1. Troy

    You’re not alone. It seems half of Vancouver has come down with a nasty bug…

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