…back to healthy?

Confession: I woke up this morning terribly embarrassed by my post of my bachelor attempt at feeding myself. The embarrassment was akin to that which you have when friends popover and you’ve been too lazy to clean.

After my morning classes, I went to the grocery store and bought some fruit and vege. I’ve now made myself a stew an some salad and feel that I need to post this and prove that I do eat healthier than yesterday’s post.

Bachelor feasts are over. I’ll eat like a grown-up, again.




One comment

  1. Troy

    Nicely done. It’s ok to eat out once in a while, but nothing beats home cooking and knowing what ingredients you have used. I’m writing this after I finishing off 2 lbs of spareribs drenched in mystery sauce from the Hog Shack in Richmond 😉

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