What I’ve been eating…

I would just like to say that this post is for my mother. She doesn’t worry about me not eating or eating well or any of that. Our family loves food, our family loves cooking and we’ve always been a bit crazy about eating healthy food. My mom’s always curious about what I eat.

For me, this meal is a cop-out. I haven’t been eating like I do at home and make everything from scratch…I do need to start that, again. The base for this soup actually comes from a package. I’ve got a layer of rice cake in it and a bit of an ancient grain mix, for substance. The eggs are for protein (the ancient grain mix has some quinoa in it too). The sprouts are to make up some form of live food in my meal. Admittedly, I’ve had way less fruit and vege in my diet since I got here and I do need to change that, ASAP. Oh, there’s also a side of nori snacks that I tend to have at each meal too.

Mom, this is for you.


One comment

  1. Mum

    Thanks for this post, Muffin. Your joy with food is inspiring.

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