Walk with me

More images of Gunsan, from exploring.

This is on the same street as my apartment. It is typical of some of the older buildings in my dong (area, mine being Naun-1 Dong).


The car may look familiar because this is still, relatively, the same shot. This is typical of the roads in my city. It is quite common for cars to be speeding past, have vehicles parked on the side and people honking while trying to get past in the other direction…add the ice and snow and pedestrians walking (the roads I use to get to work are all this wide), I’m surprised that I haven’t seen a single accident yet.


My guess is a preschool or Sunday school? It’s right beside a large church but across the street from what appears to be an elementary school and a middle school.


An abandoned game of soccer, in the snow (with a basketball).


To demonstrate that it was not just my street, here is a busier street with the same width restrictions. Note: further ahead, down this road you can see that people park on both sides of the street. I have, on more than one occasion, waited between cars for traffic to pass.


Local Oilbank employees clearing the sidewalk.


Impending fate, attempted escapes.


Off season for the local greenhouse.



I’m looking forward to these community gardens all sprouting. It seems like every planter and spare inch of ground in the city is dedicated to growing food. It’s pretty amazing.




  1. angela

    Thanks for the tour – I enjoyed checking out your town Cayley.

    The second photo resembles one of the “spot the hazards in this picture” assignments in my OHS course textbooks…a very unsafe street situation I have to say. Be safe when walking!

    • Yes, you would be walking in a constant state of panic, Ange. There’s a layer of ice on everything. Occasionally you may see a patch of sand by a shop vender who wants people to stop…I guess you can’t sue anyone if you slip and fall?

      Also, will get a picture of it for you but construction sites are left open, wide open. There might be some pylons or a saw horse to prevent you from falling into a pit. Large construction projects, like multiple level, multi-use complexes. I’ve chose to just not walk in the I y sidewalk next to them 😉

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