Bits, bites and blunders

Random photos from shopping:

This is the smallest quantity of toilet paper that one can buy at E-Mart, in Korea. It felt pretty ridiculous considering it’s all for me but I guess I’m covered for awhile.


I know they’re crackers. I know I will buy them someday and it will probably be the fish ones because they look like the most fun.



Again, I will probably buy one of these in the future, just saying.



Straight up, disgusting! I thought I’d be safe that this would be and would taste like carrots. It tastes like like someone watered down Mott’s Clamato juice with NyQuil. The cough syrup, menthol effect creeps back up your throat after the Clamato flavour goes down. Unfortunately, I started with a 1.5L bottle and am too much my father and grandmother to pour it out. I will force myself to drink as much as I can. Who knows, maybe I’ll learn to love it?


Anything that looks this 1950’s fab should taste like something awesome that my grandmother, or at least Betty Crocker, could make me. *sigh* It’s not so and I will eat them and wash them down with my “carrot juice.”


I have had these creatures before. Try have been tasty. So far I have made one attempt to make them into something delicious and it was…manageable? I fried some up with Korean red chilli paste and some sesame oil, to put them in my soup. They weren’t bad but I could only stomach about half of what I’d made and then ate around the rest. Not a total fail but definitely not winning yet.



  1. Troy

    Wow, you sure are getting around. I was at Hill Crest yesterday and spoke with Jerica and talked about the cake she made for you before you left. She’ll check your blog out soon… love the pics…

  2. Angela Ford

    Okay, so far I’m not sold on the idea of coming over for dinner! Bon appetite mon amie

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