I have waited a couple days to give my director, my front desk teacher (title I was told to call her but really she’s a cross between teacher’s aide and secretary) and my co-teachers. It’s only polite to come bearing gifts in such situations.

Before I left Vancouver I tried to give some thought as to what I would bring. I wanted to offer something thoughtful, something nice and with a touch of Canadiana. Here are some photo’s of what I ended up with.



There are also some Canadiana presents for my students in the mix.


Shopping at my local E-Mart, located behind my school, was confusing to say the least but that will make another story. Looking for wrapping supplies, I couldn’t find any ribbon but found coloured leather strips instead. Luckily, this worked out better in the end for attaching my Canada pins to the maple syrup and pencils. I think it worked well.



All wrapped up and ready to go!

One comment

  1. Troy

    Well done C. I did the same thing before I left for Japan to teach ESL.

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