In transit

The best and weirdest and worst part of travelling is always the portion spent in transit to wherever you’re headed.

I was up until 230am this morning, packing and repacking, in preparation for my move to Korea. The part that I always struggle with (and I know I’m not the only one) is just letting go and realising that no matter how prepared you think you are you will always forget something and, if you’re lucky, it will be something obvious and funny to make a great story later…I’ll let you know when I remember what I’ve forgotten this time.

With two hours of sleep under my belt I got up and showered for my day of travel (approx 13 hours of flight and 3 hour layover). I am supposed to arrive in Seoul on Sunday night and have about a three hour bus ride to Gunsan, where I will be residing. This has all turned into a whirlwind adventure of miscommunication and very little instruction which has resulted in running around for the last few weeks not knowing when I was leaving or what the expectations of me were. To be honest, I still don’t know what the expectations are but I’m writing this as I pass my three hour layover at SEATAC so at least I know when I’m leaving now.

After I’d showered and dressed my parents made their way upstairs to survey the anticipated disaster. I am a stubborn creature and for some reason when my parents express doubt as to whether I can pull something off or not is when I tend to excel out of pure spite. I think I pulled it off this time. My stuff’s all together. One bag was overweight, it also started breaking but…well, it’ll be a story at least.

This transit thing tests my patience, this time especially. I am bursting from the seams with all my bags, I’ve had maybe two good sleeps in the last couple weeks. I’m at a loss here, I just want to curl up and pass out. My eyes were shut the instant the wheels lifted from YVR, on the way to SEATAC this morning.

Here’s hoping I get a 12 hour, stress-free nap to Seoul!

(The soundtrack to my nap was my dog, Timber, snoring and running in his sleep)


(My recyclables during layover: former fruit cup, former yogurt, former coffee. I considered building a pyramid but was too lazy)


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